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Uniqso Contacts Review


Review: Uniqso Contact Lenses


Image edited by: Parkes Photography

Hi there!

So for my first blog entry I thought, why not do a little contact lens review?

Since my old pair of red contacts had gone way past their wear-by date, I felt I needed to get some new ones. (Who doesn’t love red eyes?) I decided to look on Uniqso, after seeing loads of pictures on Instagram, reading reviews and accidentally on purpose ended up getting myself some.

I actually ended up getting two pairs, as the website was running an offer. If you bought a pair of contacts costing ‘x’ amount – you get a pair of Sweety lenses free. Obviously by this point it would have been rude not to take up this offer.

Sorry not sorry.

Considering i ordered them just before New Years, the shipping was quicker than i expected. It’s a lovely feeling when your order arrives earlier than aticipated. The packaging was all neatly done to ensure my prodcuts were safe in transit and they even kindly sent two lens cases with my order!

Anyway…onto the contacts;

GEO ANA48 Color Nine Dark Red

I adore these lenses. Seriously. I love red coloured contacts anyway, but there’s just something about these ones I particularly like. They are so comfortable to wear, which is one of the most important things with contact lenses, and the colour…well that goes without saying. You can visibly see the enlarging effect it has in comparison to my original eye size, which I also love about these lenses. Can I have vampire doll eyes? Yes please.

The images show how different the lenses look against my eye, and with/without flash.



Sweety Celestial Grey


Now I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting too much when I ordered these ones. They definitely looked great on the website, but with my eye colour little details don’t tend to show up unfortunately.How wrong was I. Out of the two pairs I got (and this being the pair I got for free) these are actually my favorite. I love the enlarging effect. I love the black outer circle and I LOVE the little gold stars on the lenses. Of course they are more visible with flash, that goes without saying (or being creepy close, and nobody likes that)


In summary; I highly recommend Uniqso for their contact lenses. They are comfortable, look great and I fully intend to buy more. Because I clearly need more. And reasons.

Um..Here’s some cheeky selfies



Website: http://www.uniqso.com