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Review: ‘Salvation’ Lipstick Set by Makeup Revolution



Hello! Happy Monday and all that!

So I have a bit of a fascination with trying different makeup, discovering new brands etc. When I say fascination I think I should be saying addiction, however that’s quite a strong word and as long I don’t admit it…it’s Not a problem! (excellent logic)

I also like a bargain, come on who doesn’t? One of my favourite things to do after Christmas and New Years is out of the way is the search the shops for bargain priced makeup to try out. I find this one of the best ways to try new products, saving money of items you potentially may not like or use again and finding little gems and happily go on to buy more of their products.

So I found the Salvation Liquid Lipstick set from Makeup Revolution in Superdrug, and I just loved the different colour selection in the set. I personally tend to prefer darker colours, so having some shades I don’t normally wear in the set is a change to try different colours and see how I feel about them.

I like the packaging the lipsticks comes in. It’s in one large box, but each lipstick is in it’s own black box and gold writing. I actually quite like the fonts that Makeup Revolution used aswell for some reason. Probably to combo of black and gold to be honest, i just adore those colours.

I tried all of the lipsticks out and swatched them all on my skin and lips to show how they wear. The set has two satin finish, two glossy finish and two matte finish lipsticks. As a little note they do have a slight smell to them, kinda like some sort of sweets, I just can’t place my finger on it. Its just something to consider with them if you don’t like scents to your products. I personally quite like that little touch, but that’s just my preference.

Satin Finish

I’m going to have to be honest, I really don’t like the nude shade. I feel it doesn’t go on very well at all and the pigmentation is really lacking. Its such a shame as it looks like a nice nude colour in the tube and on the initial arm swatch. This was the first one I tried on aswell so I was a little concerned for the other 5 shades, but I now have to say that assumption was quite premature.
The next satin shade which is a nice soft pink, went on lovely and stays true to the swatch and tube colour. I will definitely be wearing this again for more toned down looks or as a go-to colour when I fancy a touch of pink. Definitely a thumbs up!

Glossy Finish

Glossy shades..I have mixed feelings on. I absolutely love how they look on pictures but I just don’t think they are very practical for everyday wear. Maybe it’s because its always windy where I live? Maybe because they require a lot more reapplying than other finishes and I’m too lazy? I don’t know, just never been a favourite of mine.

The colours of these two though are fantastic! I adore this shade of red and this was after only one coat. Despite what I just previously said, just because of how beautiful the red is, I may just need to add this to my top lippies. Even if it is a glossy!
Purples are my all time favourite lip colour go wear, so when I saw this one, I did get a little excited. The pictures don’t really do it any justice (and look a little patchy – my fault!) Its just a gorgeous cool toned purple, which I most certainly NEED in my life.
Urg, Makeup Revolution! What are you doing to me!


Matte Finish

I need to do something
WARNING: Very hard to remove!
That warning is a good and bad thing. The positives are; Long lasting, no smudging, very minimal reapplying needed, apocalypse essential. Negatives; Quite bad staining, hard to remove. It took a long time and a lot of makeup remover to get these off both my arm and lips, and even then my arm was STILL stained a tad.

With that being said. I love them. So much. Even the barbie pink, which is a colour I would never buy. And that plum colour…

In Summary; I do really like this collection. It was the first of the Makeup Revolution products I bought and I have gone on the buy more (Yes that means another review is on the way) I was pleasantly surprised by the glossy lipsticks. I actually liked them quite a lot, equally I was rather disappointed by the nude shade for its lack of colour. But one bad one out of six isn’t bad at all! The overall winner was actually a tough call, as much as the purples will always be a top one for me – The glossy red won it this time!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!